Wish: Option to reduce Radius Sensitivity of [ ]Cen Osnap

Hi All, It would be great if there was an option to limit the Cen (Centre) OSnap radius to ignore radii over a certain size.
The problem:
It is very annoying when trying to use Cen Osnap on dense 2D linework + Circles.
The [ ]Cen Osnap jumps way off the screen to the centre of any recognisable curved line, which normally has some huge radius eg. a radius of 50k.

A radius limit for this osnap in the Rhino options page would make it much more useful.
eg. Ignore snapping to Centres of radii larger than: 10000 (User selectable value)
ie. If you know you aren’t interested in the centres of massive arcs, then you can stop the osnap from jumping all over the place, and rather focus on the arcs/circles you actually want.
Michael VS

Hi Michael - added to the heap - thanks.