Wish: option to load linked files or not (load on demand)

Hi guys, when working on large projects it would be really nice to have the ability to load large linked files only when needed.
I guess I wish for a merge between worksessions and linked files too.
With a UI panel to organize them down the road (with load presets like the layer manager)

Currently when working on the landscape for a building site I have a big file with site scan data, the linked (simplified!) architecture model, a file with 2D data like grids and section lines, a file with 2D data like the site 2D map etc. And I rarely need them all at once, but manually removing them and reinserting them is a hassle, and worksessions never got the love it needed to be an effective tool for my use. So if you are willing to take a look at this, and if others agree that this would be beneficial then please shout out :slight_smile: