Wish: OpenGL haze or depthfog

Hi guys, one of the display features I really wish for is a haze or fog option to give a sense of depth to the distance.

It would need four values. Near, far, color and density.
Near defines how far from camera it starts, Far is when it reaches full density, Color is the hue of the fog and Density is how transparent it is at max (at Far value)


Yes, long time wish of mine as well…
It’s been logged but slated for “Future”:

We might be able to prototype this with GhGL now. I’ll need to experiment a bit.


Holo pretty much outlined the settings needed to make such feature useful. :crossed_fingers:

The fog PEP will be running in the viewport very soon. The PEP pipeline already works essentially and will bring all of them, including denoisers. This has been worked on for some weeks now and is quite close to completion.

@andy will be able to give more info.

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PEP = Post Effect Pipeline?
What other effects are there for viewports?
Would that work with any display mode?
sounds exciting…

Personal Equipment for Protection is what leaps to mind…



Personal Empowerment Program ?

Cool, can we see some examples or do we have to wait?

These are only for real-time rendering - not other viewport display modes.