Wish: Offset curve with copy attributes alternative

Hi guys, I often use Offset curve and want the offsat curve to have the same properties as the one I offsat. Same layer, same color, same thickness, same linetype etc so it works as a copy of the original.
Now the new curve just ends up on the active layer with default settings.

Can you please add that as a sticky option?



For others with the same wish:

I have a button with this on it that I use:
! _-MatchProperties _Pause _Pause _MatchAll _Enter

But having it integrated into the Offset command would be smoother and faster and obviously available for all users :slight_smile:

You could also do this I guess:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def OffsetKeepProperties():
    crv=rs.GetObject("Select curve to offset",4,preselect=True,select=True)
    if not crv: return
    if lco:

Yeah, that’s a smooth prototype for RMA Mitch!
Clean and simple.

The wish stands though, I think it could benefit many architects to have it implemented in vanilla Rhino :slight_smile:


I would agree 100%…

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Hi Jorgen - got that, thanks.
RH-61655 Offset: Keep input attributes