WISH - ObjectProperties - Colordialog - initial Value

my wish is quite simple, but I think those fine-tunings are important:

(1) Initial Value

if an object is selected,
clicking on the Layer-Symbol in the Color-Properties will open the Color-Picker.

I would love to have the Color-Picker be set to the current color as initial value. - in most cases the Layer-Color.
(at the moment it starts with black)

in the example screenshot: (mangenta layer color)

clicking on the icon should start the color-Dialog/ picker with magenta.
Screenshot 2023-12-09 at 14.48.18

Preview Object Color

it is a real pity, that we can not preview the new object color, as it stay s yellow / selected during the dialog.
this also disables to use the color-probe to get the current value (as it will always result in yellow).


Here it seems to remember the last used custom color, maybe black if you haven’t picked a custom color yet in that session. But I’m on Windows. Your wish is that if the selected object is color-by-layer, that the custom color picker should come up with the layer color first instead?


and maybe if there are multiple objects selected with diverent colors - the color of the first selected obj…