WISH : "Null if one input is null" option for "Concatenate" component

In some cases, it makes no sense that the “Concatenate” component outputs something when one of the inputs is null.

I know how to work around this, don’t waste your time…this is a WISH.

…and for similar reasons, I’d like “sort list” not to cast Nulls into “0” :

This is really a PITA because it requires a whole lot of error-trapping while generally nulls remain nulls and that actually means something useful for downstream operations.

When you convert a null value to a number you get the default number = 0.0 or to string = “”, since this types are value types so its null value is equals to its default value.

Anyway, for me if you concatenate (join) something with nothing and the result is something, not nothing.

Yeah, it’s logical of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s convenient.
Thus, the request for an option.

For example : you want to output a diameter and concatenate a “Ø” in front for some display purpose.
But if you have no circle in your input geometry, you don’t want a stupid “Ø” to hang there for no reason…
Get it ?

It is quite a similar issue that you, yourself have raised here, by the way.

The difference is that in the multiplication/division the null is not converted to its default value 0 or 0.0 or {0,0}… as it does in other components, so it doesn’t have sense. Instead, it makes sense that if you put text together and one of them is empty text, the remaining input is returned.

Yeah, sure… Give me a break Dani.