Wish: New dock Panel for Selected Object & toggles (filters for individual object)

Hi, I am not sure if this feature has already been realized and I just haven’t discovered it. But if not I think it could be a future consideration. It will be really helpful to have a designated panel that shows all the currently selected objects. Like this:
FireShot Capture 273 - Untitled spreadsheet - Google Sheets - docs.google.com

For example, if I dock this panel on my right side of the screen, the panel can tell me the total number of objects selected and show all the selected object types as a list with toggles in front of each object, so that I can check and uncheck objects that I might not need. And if I click on one of the objects on the list it can highlight the object in a different color in the view window. So the panel serves as an object-based filter (not based on type) for all currently selected objects. I can switch between picking more objects from the view windows and filter out accidental selections before performing any command.

I think this could be helpful because currently, the different combos of shortcuts could easily lead to mistakes (especially if the selection involves many sub-object selections and rotating the camera here and there). Sometimes pressing the wrong key could even lead to deselect all, and SelPrevious doesn’t always recover selections correctly.

This new list panel can help unselect small object that is hard to unselected in view. Because it displays object type, people can spot unwanted object type (such as an edge curve that accidentally got selected with its surface, would be hard to spot from the view window). People can also check in real time if the total selected object number matched the intention.

(additionally, it can probably even display the layer next to each object on the list, and other information associated with the object. And the panel can group selected objects based on type or list them based on their selected order etc…)


Have you tried namedSelections?

Yeah I use it a lot, but it only saves selection. I am more looking forward to an object filter that filters current selection where I can pick and choose.

Hi -

I’ve added this to the somewhat more general “Objects Manager” request that is on the list as RH-54814.