WISH: Native RiR Solution for rotatnig cropped views

I will describe you pretty common architectural task:
Prepare sheets with flats where all views are oriented in a way that entrance to flats are at the bottom of the page.

Usualy, in the same building you will have multiple flat entrances that each will face different direction.

Rotating cropped views in Revit is pretty odd. I know you recently add components to controll Crop Region Curves. If I need to rotate View I need to natively rotate its Crop Region Curves (using Revit rotate). Right now, if you have perfect crop boundary for the angled view, if you rotate the Crop Region you need to make the boundary once again.

There is a need for the component that would allow rotating crop region - preferably all in one step, so setting new boundary after rotation would not be needed.

I’m familiar with the ‘odd’ workflow.

It gets even more peculiar when trying to access via the Revit API, the crop box element returns the floorplan and requires a workaround.

The current components are get/set curves. I’ll add a feature request for a component the implements the workaround.

Hi @barden00,

Does something like this work for you?

RIR-RotateCropRegion.gh (33.7 KB)

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As you can see from the Definition above, the recent View Crop Region will rotate the view. Let us know if you have any questions.


It looks like it’s only rotating the Crop Region Curves instead of rotating the underlying view - preferably I would like to do both of actions at the same time.

  1. Angle 172

  2. Angle 190 - You can see that only Crop Region Curves rotated, but the Walls are facing the same direction - view is not being rotated. - This can be a desired outcome in some scenarios.

  3. Contrary, this Revit rotate tool, will only rotate the View but without rotating Crop Region curves.


My goal is to rotate crop region curves and underlying view simlutaneously.

BTW. Is there a way to obtain View rotation value for a given, previously rotated View? Inspect Element doesne’t give me any data.

I see, Kike created the view oriented (via Frame) and then adjusted the crop view.

This post still applies then. WISH: Native RiR Solution for rotatnig cropped views - #2 by Japhy

Here’s a mix of scripted (the workaround mentioned in the building coder link) and native components to Rotate and Crop the View.

Getting the Rotation of a View isn’t straight forward either. I’ll need to dig into that a bit to figure out the most reliable way.

Re_RotateCropBox.gh (16.3 KB)


Rotation of the View

Re_RotateCropBoxV2.gh (17.0 KB)

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Hi! Because I was using non-rectangular Crop Region at first I didn’t get it, but now I know how it works. Thank you very much!