Wish: Multi-objective filtering of geometry based on metadata

Extremely happy to see the news about metadata and Grasshopper 2.0!

And by this, I have a wish: A way of precisely filtering/searching for geometry based on its metadata. By precisely, I mean that one can search for geometries no only based on one property, but a combination of multiple properties.

In the case of a building, I might have a few parametric wall types. These wall types are different due what functions they need to fulfil. Fire regulations, structural properties, room type on side 1, room type on side two etc.
In this case what wall type a wall is, is determined by not only one property, but a combination of multiple properties. Properties that needs to be true, but probably properties that needs to be false.

Elefront has the filtering component, but as I Understand, one can only filter one property for each search - A Grasshopper 2.0 component would be a a multi-objective filtering component.

Here you can see the same principle, when a node is walking into a bar, but meets the guard (the grasshopper 2.0 component) :nerd_face:


Hi John,
Love the illustations! When we need to do compound filters, sometimes we’ll extract the attributes we need, evaluate them against whatever criteria, and then just combine the results using logical operators.

You may be happy to know the new version of eleFront does allow for matching multiple keys simultaneously.

That said, the filter is purely based on text-matching attributes, which isn’t quite as flexible as what you’re proposing, so admittedly that’s only a partial solution.