Wish: MoveTargetToObjects to work with Grips as well


It’s probably scriptable right now, but would be great if the actual Rhino command could do it on its own.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Jarek - It is probably scriptable - but just -ViewportProperties _Target should help too. Making grips behave more like real objects is on the pile, but I do not know what the near term prospects are for that.



Thanks Pascal - using it so often (MaveTargetToObjects command) that don’t even think about it and many times doing so with grips selected with no luck. Will make a scripted version, but in a long run would be great to have it in command.



If anybody is interested, here is the solution. Script attached, and a compiled plugin that adds a ‘MoveTargetToObjectsAndGrips’ command. Should work with objects, grips and objects and grips mix.


DIG.MoveTargetToObjectsAndGrips.rvb (1.9 KB) MoveTargetToObjectsAndGrips.rhp (9 KB)