WISH: Move SubD EDIT points with out affecting the connected edit points

Hi guys, the one issue I have with SubD’s lack of accuracy is that i can not move an EDIT point (not controlpoint) without affecting the other connected edit points. And that is a bit frustrating if I want to make sure the subD is flowing through given points in space.

Can you please see if you can make an option for this?

Hei Jørgen -

Locking the edit points that you want to stay in place will make those stay in place.

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Nice, that’s a huge step forward!

Then I just wish for an “auto lock” option so I don’t have to invert select the points and lock and unlock for every move.

I understand that the way it is today is less ‘destructive’ of the ‘cage mesh’, but as a modeller I would like to have control over the editpoints that I have edited when I am edit point editing. (Hope that makes sense)

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