Wish: more post effects

Would be cool if there were more post effects available in the render window. Currently there some useful ones there, but I am missing basic ones like:

  • Saturation
  • Contrast
  • Hue
  • etc.

Is this sth that could be integrated? Really like, what V-Ray hast done with their post effects editor for example.


Is there a common situation where you would do this type of work in the post effects, as opposed to a dedicated photo editor like photoshop? Not arguing, just curious about your thoughts and workflow.

I mainly render in Blender nowadays. I simply import Rhino projects.
It’s the best experience with rendering that I have had so far, except maybe Keyshot, but that one isn’t free.
Cycles seems more advanced and better integrated than in Rhino, and the Eevee renderer is lightning fast. I can easily render a full HD frame in 3 to 4 seconds on my 2016 MacBook Pro. Yes, Eevee isn’t raytraced but the results by far exceed what the standard Rhino render can do, in my opinion.
Anyway, the Blender compositor is great for post-processing renderings, is node based, and has all the features and many more that you seem to be looking for. It’s basically a node-based Photoshop that’s free.

Obviously, Cycles was born inside Blender.

And EEVEE is a great realtime solution indeed.

I didn’t mean to dunk on Rhino (or your work). I’m sure Rhino will improve as time goes by.

  1. For me it is often the case, that only some simple adjustments are necessary. So being able to apply these with just a few clicks is a time saver of course.
  2. When rendering different versions of a project, this feature would come in handy (although one could also do some automation with photoshop as well…)
  3. When the rendering geometry has be changed and thus everything has to be re-rendered. Having you post-production settings saved (as it is the case in V-Ray) comes in very handy…

makes sense, thanks for the clarification-