WISH: More granural control over the sidebars visibility

  1. I tried a few places but regular sidebar position is just the most comfortable for me. At the same time, sidebar visibility toggle is a very good RH8 addition. On the left side I would like to keep some Panels that I use less frequently so I can toggle their visibility. This is especially handy when working in Grasshopper and putting Rhino window next to the Grasshopper. Hiding both sidepanels makes enough room for the viewport and the Grasshopper window. The problem is that toggling left sidebar visibility also affects buttons which is very undesired.

When arranging containters, there are clear two columns on the left I would like to toggle them independently.

Two columns making a left sidebar

Desired look after hiding only blue sidebar column (marked blue on the previous screenshot)

  1. Sidebar icons are relocated and grouped together after hiding the sidebar. This doesn’t bring any benefits and relocating such important thing like panel icon makes it more difficult to spot the right one.

Icons in their regular places

relocated icons

Currently The only containers that can toggle are the Left and Right sidebars.


I’ve added the wish to Toggle Named Containers.