Wish: more decimal places in Nudge Preferences

Very simple feature request: More than 3 decimal places in Nudge Preferences

I’m working on some small scale models and Rhino for Windows allows me to define 1/32 inch (0.03125) as a nudge value. This is a huge time saver.

Rhino for Mac rounds off to only 3 decimal places which disallows even 1/16" nudge values.

Is there any reason why the nudge values can’t take advantage of the full resolution of Rhino’s co-ordinate system?


Hmmm, @dan this looks like a Mac-side bug, in Windows you can have more than 3 decimal places and it is working correctly… --Mitch

seems like just an oversight…
using nudge goes further than 3 decimals… just that the value rounds early…

(or- it doesn’t even round… it just chops off anything past 3decimals)

1 curve added to selection.
Nudge 0.0620000, Cumulative 0.0620000

(instead of .0625000 …if it were rounding, i imagine it would be .0630000)

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I think the text-field itself is doing the rounding, even though Nudge does - as Jeff points out - accept a more precise value. Seems like a bug to me…logged as MR-1220.

Thanks for logging it as a bug Dan.

The text field also needs to be resized to accept more decimal places.

I can understand why this little bug might not be top priority, but it seems like such a tiny UI fix I’m hoping it could be dealt with soon :smile:

I’ve bought my Mac version of Rhino but it looks like I’ll be better off sticking to my Windows version until this is sorted.