Wish: More Advanced Tips And Tricks

I wish this site was more active:

I feel like there is plenty of stuff for beginning Rhino, but nothing for advanced users to continue to grow.

As an example, I can find 10,000 things showing me how to use flow along srf, all of which I know, but nothing on how to easily overcome unwanted distortion on a target srf where isocurves bunch together.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the feedback… I’ll try and get more tutorials recorded soon and think about advanced stuff too. Your idea of overcoming UV domain and iso spacing when flowing is an interesting one and could perhaps lead into how to flow across polysrf seams. I’ll see what I can cook up but I’m thinking a temporary single surface could be made for the target. The intersection with your original surface will likely not be exact but if you record history and adjust the base surface distance to the object being flowed, you can adjust the overlap for a trim or Boolean.

You can also find advanced training options on our resources page or training pages too.
http://www.rhino3d.com/resources/ books and tutorials section
http://www.rhino3d.com/training/United_States/ by region with online options in Washington state