WISH: meshing options presets

Would be good to be able to save some presets for the meshing options.
I work with many different size object and purpose, so would be good to be able to save custom presets.
For example If I do rendering I need different option compared to the 3D printing.
If I print big object I use different properties from small objects, If I print with different printer type…

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Yes please!

It’s a wish that has come up many times in the past and much like DXF/DWG export schemes this would make our lives a lot easier.


Yeah… that is a loooong time wish and an obvious one. There is an ancient wishlist item from 2006, and I am sure I added one at least a hundred years ago before I was even in Seattle. I’ll nudge… I think I was chatting with, maybe, @dale Dale Fugier the other day about this.



Ohhhhhh! Yes please

Yes this would be very useful!


+1. Accessible both from General options and object-level meshing. Would be great.

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@pascal, if there isn’t anything on YouTrack, can you add something?

@dale -I found another, more recent one - http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-7573