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My sugestion is about the way we could mention Rhino commands (Loft, Connect, CullDegenerateMeshFaces), the way we mention users with @someone. With a popup list with the available commands, like the user list when @ is typed. Then, in the post, it would turn into tooltip to the help of this command AND for other discussions that you may find the command being talked about, with a tooltip with those options…

Maybe my english its a little confusing, but you get the idea, didn’t you?

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Good idea! Normally I would write the command Capitalized and Cursive but using @Command is much better!

And, if possible, automatic linking to the online Help for the command.

linking to the help center would be cool.

i don’t think having the @ appear prior to the name would work out so well though… you’d generally talk about those commands to someone that doesn’t know rhino very well so if they read ‘Use the @Loft command’, they’ll possibly try to type @loft into rhino…
commands could have their own tags [c]Loft[/c] (or whatever) which show up in a different color and are clickable. like that :point_down: except the links are automatically generated.


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Yeah, like this link you made, with something like a #, or a tag, or better Capitalize the first letter,and like FAcebook does, its opens the popup menu, just like the user mentions:smiley:

This is something that is very possible with a plugin. I would recommend against overloading the @ mention thing and instead maybe using # or some other key that is not used atm.

Realistically its probably a day or two of work to build. Alerting @stevebaer so he is aware of this feature request.

Sure sounds like tags to me. I thought you guys were staying away from any sort of tagging system.

How is it tags? It’s more like namespaced autocomplete in the editor.

We see a rich area for editor plugins, though!

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