Wish: make2d with multicore support


I’m using make2d the first time and it’s a great feature, but it’s so slow. My Dual Xeon is running several minutes at 5% to get it done. Will v6 support multi core usage?


Hi Micha

I’ve found that Make2D calculation time is heavily dependent on your Rhino tolerance setting.
What you should try is to temporarily change the absolute tolerance value in Properties from 0.001 to 0.1, and you will see a huge speedup in MAKE2D calculation time.
::FILE - PROPERTIES - Document Properties - Units
::Also go into the MODEL sub folder and change the Absolute Tolerance there to 0.1 too.
That is of course as long as 0.1 units is within your required 2D tolerance.
eg. If your units are mm then your 2D output will be accurate to 1/10th of a mm.
For me this is still accurate enough and reduces a 30min 2D calculation down to about 1 min.
Regards - Michael VS

Make2d is getting improvements for V6. It will run in multiple threads.
Greg Arden


@Michael, thank you for hint, sounds great.

@Greg: Good news. I hope it will be available soon, could save a lot of time.

Last time I heard about it it was to be about a week for V6 beta to become available, yet that wa a couple of months ago :grinning:


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This should be noted on the help page of Make2D.

And an option for overriding the file tolerance should be added. This is an old wish.
We never need 0.001 mm tolerance for a 1:200 drawing, and adjusting the file tolerance is risky business, because it is easy to forget to set it back, or hit Undo a few times and then forget to check that it didn’t affect the tolerance.


Good point! I set tolerance 1mm for my current train project, good for Make2D to create a result within 10min, but not my choice for modelling.