Wish: Make2D gradients and fills for fast "renders" and vector work

Hello all,

My workflow consists of a lot of quick iterations which I will export as line drawings, and as models for a quick render or two. I think it could be useful to be able to effectively export views from the “rendered” viewport as vectors - including fills and gradients - which could be further edited in other programs. The Make2D command does not deal with fills, only outlines. I think this could be a valuable addition for quick illustrative sketches and diagrams, where depth and volume are needed. It would reduce the need to render fully, which would also only result in a raster image.


Hello - that is, I would say, well outside anything, that I am aware of at least, that is planned for Rhino - it would be quite a departure into the realm of illustration - not saying it won’t happen, but it seems a bit of a stretch at this point, unless Steve Baer has some magic in store, he does that.


Hi there …

you already can print 2 overlaying viewports. One below as rendered view and one above as vector print … the fills are still missing in the vector view … but there should be some kind of changes to that in Rhino 7 following this thread where the issues around clipping plane fills have been discussed at lengths … actually, I did ask for the same features a few years ago … this topic isn’t really a new one:

Don’t forget to also check VisualARQ … they seem to have found a solution for hatched and interactive fills.

Have a nice day, anyway