Wish: Make history values editable please

Hi guys, this has been a wish since History was introduced in Rhino 4.
Please give us a panel where we can edit the different values stored with a history object.

Starting to add features for simple tools would go a long way:

Slab: Width and Height
Copy: Vector
Array: numbers and distances for x, y, z
Polar Array: Center, number of copies and angle sector

Even just being able to select a child and choose “restart” and do it again would go a long way.
Now if I want to make a slab taller I have to:

  • turn on select childeren
  • delete it
  • Find the parent curve
  • Run the command with the new values (measure them first if I don’t remember them)
  • assign material and layer and other stuff

Way too tedious for something that could be done with one simple click in a panel.

Please consider this for V8!