WISH: LOFT tightness/looseness

Wish to get a sliding bar type on-the-fly change for tightness/looseness

I’d like to use straight+slight roundness so that where the input curves are are quite tight corners, but not sharp.

This sounds like a very useful improvement. I assume that by “on the fly” you mean dynamic preview. Now that we have very fast display hardware it should be quite usable.

Hello - I don’t know if this is possible,at least in the current Loft command - am I correct that you’d like to tell Loft how much each curve influences the loft? So some curves would be interpolated and some not, do a degree set by the user? Kind of like changing control point weight but with an ‘absolute’ setting for full interpolation, something like that?


I interpreted the OP’s request as just continuous dynamically previewed adjustment of the existing parameter, but you certainly raise some interesting possibilities for consideration.

The sensible way to approach that task is to use the straight loft style and then round the corners with fillets or blends.
Make the rounding as large or small as you want.

On the topic of lofts I am curious if there is any correlation with lofts options such as Loose, Normal, Tight, and Uniform to that of the interpolated curve options of Uniform, Chord, Square Root. In terms of technicality the interp curve options are more descriptive. I guess Uniform and Uniform between the two have some commonality but what would Normal or Tight mean in relation to Chord and Square Root, if anything at all?

With the current tools yes, but if that can be done in one go that’ll be great.

I was thinking a lot more simpler one. Just able to have something between the current options of loose, normal, tight, straight.
so having looser straight or tighter loose. but with more control using a slide bar.

Yep nothing too fancy. somthing that can be made fast!