Wish list: Wire Input Order Manager

The input order is very important. Once it is wrong the easier thing to do is disconnect all and restart connecting in the right order. It would be very nice to have a right click option for managing the input order working in a similar way as the Data collection manager interface where one can drag the data to the position he wants. . The disconnect option lists the inputs so one can select which one he wants to delete. With a manager option one could drag them to the position he wants or even delete the ones he wishes.

One approach for managing this type of thing is to use something like the merge component to collect the various/mulitple inputs before you connect them to the desired component. As a workflow habit, it makes managing the order of inputs a little cleaner. Is that what you are after?

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Yes. That works. Thank you!

Using it with output names and using the alt to copy the name to the merge block makes a very clean and elegant solution!