Wish List - Units options in exports

@pascal @brian Would love the option to just tick a box in the FBX export window to convert to cm, etc.

Playing Devil’s Advocate here…

Since your suggestion would likely result in at least an order of magnitude scale change, that would potentially screw up Join tolerances.

It’s more work, but making the scaling change in Rhino, checking the model for problems, and then exporting would reduce the chance of those potential errors.

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Is there a difference for join tolerances if two edges are either 0,00254 mm or 0,0001 inch away from each other? :slight_smile:

At the time of the Join operation, the surface edges are compared and if within 2x absolute modeling tolerances, they are tagged as Joined. The geometry is not changed.

If the scaling makes the objects 10x smaller the change doesn’t matter much.
If the scaling makes the objects 10x larger, then it might take them out of tolerance. The Joins are not recalculated when the geometry is scaled.

What happens if a model is 254 mm in size and modeled in millimeters, then it’s exported in inches with no scaling, so that it’s still 254 mm in size but displayed as a native size of 10 inches?