Wish list: Record parameters

I’ll give you another wish list thought: I’m deep in something, trying to get the surface I want, real smooth, etc. Then when i finally get there, I want to record the parameters I used. I can look back at the command line history, and see that I used Patch, Sweep 2 Rails, or whatever … but I can’t see what parameters I used. For example, when I did that Patch, did I used UxV=2x40 … or was that 15x15?

In general, commands remember the last used parameters. The Patch command should recall the last used values for you already and you’ll see them when running the command again. If you want to see what point count an existing surface has, use ExtractSrf, if it’s currently joined to another surface, followed by the What command.

Another thing that may work is to use the Notes command to leave yourself notes. These will get saved in the 3dm.

Does that help?