Wish List Grasshopper V7 - pManager parameters

It would be really nice to have a pManager parameter that handles Polylines. Right now I have to send polylines out of a plugin using pManager.AddCurveParameter, then try to rebuild the polyline when I bring it into the next plugin. I often lose a lot of the polylines in the process.

It would be a nice addition and, hopefully, one that’s not too hard to create.


John O’Keefe

I’m not going to add it to gh1 in Rhino 7, such an addition would add a lot of stress to the versioning bookkeeping. I think it does make sense to have polylines be a standard type, possibly along with spheres, cylinders, …

Thanks David.

Like I said before, you guys really do keep on top of things! Having all those additions to a new Grasshopper version will be great! Any plans in the offing for a new gh2?