Wish List: Component multi-option more obvious/consistent

I came across the post below and it reminded me that the random component has a hidden option for outputting integer values, something I had used in the past but completely forgotten about.

Some multi-option components now show the tab at the bottom to show the current setting (Bounding and Entwine for example). This tab indicates to me that there are other available output options, although I’m not sure if this is obvious to new users.

Since the Random component doesn’t have this tab, it got me to thinking…how many other components have hidden options.

I happened across a few others:
Curve|Line intersection
Brep|Line intersection
The biggest surprise to me (after close to 7 years using GH) was Graft! “Include Null Items” and “Include Empty Lists”! How long have they been hiding there‽ Ha Ha

Another I’m aware of is Explode Tree, where it has the option to match outputs. I realise this is an option that needs to be re-selected if the number of input trees change, so I’m not sure if this fits in the same category. The Path Mapper hints would also probably be in the same category.

I like the tab idea, but if you have these everywhere I can see it looking a little messy. Maybe there could be an additional display option to turn these tabs on/off.

I also like the two dots that indicate parallel computing. Maybe a dot in the bottom right could indicate a right click for more options.

As a minimum I think adding some indication of multi-options in the “hover over” description would be good.