WISH: Light gray yellow background on selected objects

@Pascal would it be possible to automatically give all layers with selected objects a light yellow (or other custom selected object color) background? Or is the Layer panel to slow to handle for this to be effective if I select 300.000 objects…?

It would be a big visual help to quickly see what layer objects are on without navigating to the “hammer” and choose select layer from the dropdown.

Maybe it isn’t needed if multiple objects are selected and could be active if only one object is selected (if panel update slows down with huge amount of objects selected)

Reason I ask for slow update of the panel is that I often see the dialog flash and “struggle” when I say explode a linked file. It seems Rhino updates one layer/fps instead of disabling redrawing for the panel and update all in one frame.

If the object is on a sublayer of a collapsed layer it would be nice if the background was even lighter to indicate that it is on a layer that isn’t visible:


Hei Jørgen,
This one is on the list as RH-39104 - I’ve added this thread.

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Thanks Wim!