Wish: layout tools

OK I’m new populating this layout - but I’m getting somewhere ?

WISH: on the LAYOUT PANEL, I’d like to see a column for “description”
What I would like to do - is change my Layout names to the SHEET NUMBER.
So, in my image - where you see “overviews” let’s change that to “786543” which is my SHEET NUMBER
I then go and assign (fx) as %<PageName()>%. Great.
But what is that? That’s the name of the TAB/LAYOUT. OK GREAT.
Now, I would like to have a description for that sheet number
but it’s basically associated to the TAB as well - Basically I need both.
I’m having a mental block on how I can keep the layout as a sheet number “nomenclature” but still be able to UPDATE the description and KNOW what I am looking at- when I see a panel with 500 sheets on it.
Of course I can just use text. It’s not like it’s used on multiple sheets. But it makes more sense to have some description on your layout panel. You’re basically left doing either one or the other (naming your layout by some kind of counting system, or naming them by some kind of description)

Is there another way to do this?

Hope this makes sense!


Hi -

It does. I’ve added your request to open item RH-38644.