Wish: Keep dimensions/values of VA objects when interchanging

Dear VA team,

I have a feature request. I don’t know how complicated it is to make but I run into this situation already many times. It happens to me very often that I want to change a grasshopper door, window or an element to another grasshopper door, window or element but then VA always resets the values of these objects which are most often dimensions that I want to keep.
For instance: when i want to change a grasshopper window to another grasshopper window it would be really great if the values for Width, Height, Frame Depth, Frame Width and Glass Depth could stay. Then I don’t need to retype these values every time. These values that I want to keep always have the same name in my grasshopper definitions for different windows.
Would it be possible to create this or am I asking a very complicated question? :smiley:

For the rest of the community, please +1 if you have the same situation.

Hi @david25,

I think your suggestion makes perfect sense, and it doesn’t seem particularly complicated to implement. Obviously, it will only work with those parameters that have the same name and type, but values will still be lost between styles with very different parameters.

I will try to implement what you ask for VisualARQ 2.13.



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Dear @enric,

That is great to hear! I will be very much looking forward to that.
Indeed the values that do not have the same name and type can be reset, that makes perfect sense.

Thanks again for the great support!