WISH: Improvement of named selections dialog


Some UI tips after my maiden voyage with named selections.

I wish there was a possibility to create empty named selection for further adding/removing objects. Now you need to have selected at least one object to create a named selection

Adding new object to existing selection is cumbersome because you have to type name of the selection which is anti user friendly rather than simply clicking right click on the named selection and choosing “add to selection”.

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BTW. Is there some keyborad shortcut to make conjuction selection? With shift you add up your selection, maybe with different key you would get a conjuction?

Yeah, I think there is a lot more to be done with this tool. This for instance -


(@Rhino_Bulgaria , link fixed, I think)


For some reason I can’t open the link when I click on it.

Edit: After the fix the above link works now. :slight_smile: