WISH: improve Rhino Help for mac / navigation / search / links

Dear McNeel
i am teaching a beginners course - Rhino for mac in German. - the headmaster did not allow me to teach in english. The navigation, search and link system is not very intuitive

(1 - links)
Let s make an example
If i want to share the Link, where my students find infos about rhinos unit-System the link in the browser adress bar is
I have to manually delete the additional request Information - link still working:

The german Topics and headlines are called
"Einheitensysteme" and "Zahlen Eingeben"
If I search on the help page with “Einheitensysteme” (Unit-Systems) the search mask will guide me to a page about Background images.
If I enter “Zahlen Eingeben” in the search-field - no result.

if I search via google and use the site-keyword - i will find the pages:
via google.com enter:
site:http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/mac/help/de-de zahlen eingeben

would be nice to have an improvement here.



Yes, sorry, I’m afraid that is how the Help authoring software works. I can’t really do anything to change it at this time. We all have to do the same shortening of the web address if we find a search result like this.

Dear Margaret - thanks for looking at my post.
can you comment on anything why the search function is not working (see second part of my post - i edit the post to make those 2 parts more clear - sorry for being unprecise )
thanks / best - tom

I have found a number of places where the Search provided by the Help Authoring software is totally wrong. I am looking into replacing it with a Google search widget instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.