WISH: Highlight curve areas/regions


I would love to see an option to highlight or shade the areas enclosed by curves (regions), at least for closed planar curves. Would you consider implementing this feature? It would work as a visual aid during modeling.


How about just using a hatch?

Do i have to apply them manually, or is there a automatic way of adding them to closed planar curves implicitly?

You can automate pretty much everything with Grasshopper.

Yes probably, but i dont use Grasshopper. I want Rhino to display closed areas with a transparent shading implicitly.

For reference, see how Plasticity has implemented this feature.

What if the closed curve isn’t planar?

It would be preferable if all closed curves were shaded, planar and non-planar.

Hmmm, a non-planar closed curve shaded?

I wonder how that would look like…

Like a transparent surface? I am OK with only closed planar curves being shaded/tinted. Did you see the video above?

Yes but all closed curves where on planes perpendicular to XYZ… Sort of on a sketch plane.

Why should one not be able to shade planar curves with other orientations?