Wish: group command for marked layers


…like known from Photoshop. Best, if the user clicked on the layer manager before and not at the viewport, than the shortcut Ctrl+G could do it too.


(Dale Fugier) #2

Since some of us don’t have Photoshop, can you please provide a little more explanation as to what you are wishing for? Thanks!


If two layers are marked and the user press Ctrl+G than a new layer is created and the previous marked layers are part (children) of them.


This should be easy to script, but you probably won’t be able to use Ctrl+G to call it up…

– Mitch

(Pascal Golay) #5

Should be able to work, no? Load the script or run or fire it off from an alias that you put in Ctrl-G in Keyboard?



Sure, I was just thinking that if you wanted to keep Ctrl+G as “Group”, it woul be hard to detect what the user wants to do…



Hmm, not actually sure I can do this… Not sure what mechanism I can use to get the set of layers that are currently selected in the layer dialog… Can’t find where this info is exposed…


Getting layers select in the layer dialog
(Pascal Golay) #8

Yeah, I did not look, but that seems like the hard part.



If the shortcut Ctrl+G is a problem, an other one could be good too. A first implementation could be an entry in the layer RMB context menu.