Wish: glTF 2.0 import


glTF 2.0 seams to become more and more popular, for exchanging nicely textured 3d-mesh models (with animation also).

Will we see glTF 2.0 import for Rhino?



Here a glTF 2.0 test-file Skull_Salazar.zip (7.6 MB)
, which I have converted from SketchFab to glTF 2.0:

Hi Michael -


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Is gltf import already working?
This is what the PackageManager shows:

The second one even says “import and export”, but I could not find gltf in the format list when opening.

Hello! Any news on the status on gltf import?


I have published version of the glTF-BinExporter plugin to the PackageManager. It includes the glTF Import plugin. This first iteration is likely to be a bit rough around the edges so please inform me of any issues you find.


On Food4Rhino I push “Install” and nothing happen.
How can I download this plugin?

Hi there
I notice that the gltf2 plugin exports layers but no curves. When will that be possible? The shapeDiver plugin can export curves, but then no layers :frowning:
So it must be possible to have them both
Keep up the good work

Support for curves in glTF is very primitive. It only supports drawing them with a width of a single pixel and as polylines. The underlying NURBS curve would have to be meshed and any fancy styling would be lost. I have an open issue here.

Hi Joshua

The problem is not the curves. The curves i’m using are straight lines, orthogonal, one pixel, only 2 endpoints, so very primitive.
The problem is that they do show up, depending on the file format and their options. But when the curves show, the layer structure from rhino is gone.
And when i change the file format and their options to make the layer structure show up, the curves are gone!

Can you tell me how to mesh a primitive curve? You’re talking about the “Pipe” command?


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Meshing a curve means converting a NURBS curve to a polyline representation similar to the way a surface is converted to a mesh. I’ll add support for importing lines/polylines to glTF import plugin since they’re in the specification. As for export I’ll add support for saving lines/polylines from Rhino. If there’s more requests for it I’ll look into meshing NURBS curves for export as well.