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OneOf -option inports

It would be nice to have an extra feature on the inports which I call “OneOf”, meaning that all inports which have this option set to true will, when a wire is connected, release any other inport which also has this option set. The meaning will be, well, “one of”, “never more than one” wire attached to this group of inputs.

Example on the component I was just working on (the input[1] and input[2] meets the “OneOf” criteria, that is “AndB” and “OrB”):

An example component
SwitchGeom_Forum.gh (8.5 KB)

// Rolf

(David Rutten) #2

Is there any component in the standard set that would also benefit from this? Can you give me an actual use-case for such a feature, i.e. what problem is a component solving that it would benefit from such an option?


The ScriptComponent('s) is the one I first come to think of.

// Rolf