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Hello all,

I miss the Grasshopper gallery here on discourse. I believe having a pinned gallery on the side really helps with inspiring each other to try out and experiment with commands/plug-ins/scripting. There’s indeed a gallery here but opening a topic for each picture is cumbersome and it would be nice to rather just scroll through the pictures and get a quick update on what’s happening. (and not scroll through titles of topics which barely say anything - a picture’s worth a thousand words? :wink: )

This was expressed on the grasshopper forum as well when it was about to close down here and here and others seemed to agree. David mentioned perhaps talking to Discourse developers on this but I’m just wondering if there’s any further steps taken regarding this?

I want to see what you guys (can) do with Rhino!

Is it a waste of time to report Rhino bugs?
Need the old forum!
New forum shock and request for orientation?

This plugin achieves something similar:

Unfortunately it is not official yet so @stevebaer would have to commit to sponsoring it to a degree so we could make it supportable on our hosted forums.

You can see an example on how it gets a bit “rough” if we don’t give it some official TLC https://discourse.southlondonmakerspace.org/c/tools

Topic List Preview plug-in

I see, well it’s a start but still room for improvement. I’m now just wondering if there is indeed enough other people that would find this useful…

(Giulio Piacentino) #4

@siemen Something in this direction, I would definitely find it useful. I can’t see any gallery at the provided link, though.


Wow, the preview of the images is gone now on that link. Before those topics were boxes with an image and the text from the title and post next to them I believe… I think, if I recall correctly, those titles also created different sizes of boxes and that in combination with the text made it a bit chaotic.

(jesterKing) #6

@will, did you come to some conclusion with our gallery test?