Wish: Further Isolate a part of an isolated Object

when i work on a part of a complex arrangement and want to further pick out a detail to isolate, the unisolate command reverts completely back to the unisolated version, being able to go only one step backwards would be nice.

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hi, I agree with that, something like undo isolate, similar to undo cplane change for example.

Hello - you can use named ‘hide buckets’ for that -

-Hide command, with the dash in front.

Also here:


no please not… at least not for this purpose.

inverting selections then calling a dashed version of a command then typing a memorable name which you then have to type again after you have called the dashed version of show, not getting lost in brain knots/lags/overflows is just very slow and not practical.

i think @DiegoK’s suggestion sounds much better, but even if i have to unisolate twice in a row with space/enter, i might even prefer to hit unisolate twice. what do you guys think?

Hello- you can do whatever you want of course, I was trying to get you some help for the short term.

Invert -Hide A

`-Show A’



bit more initiative in rendering requests…
workarounds are not what i want to improve on.

dont get me wrong, your tips are always welcome, but i would like rhino to evolve and not to patch out further to infinity.

yup hence wishing for improvements…