Wish: "From" one-shot osnap shows distance from "from" point in status bar

As per the title, when I use “From” right now, the X, Y and Z coordinates in the status bar change as I move the cursor, but the info box to the right of the Z coordinate box remains resolutely at 0. It could indicate the distance IMO.

Hm… I get the distance here.

In the Point command, or Line first point I see the distance from the base point, in Line second point I see the distance from the first point in the line, not anything related to From.


If I start a polyline for example and I activate “From”, then click the base point, then start moving to the start point I want, the distance doesn’t move here (stays 0). Only after I have fixed the start point does it start indicating… can make a video tomorrow if necessary.

Hi Mitch - got it - in Polyline that seems not to work right - thanks.
RH-63726 From: Display distance in Polyline


RH-63726 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate