Wish - FourPoint option in Line Tool

A very minor thought. Could the FourPoint option remain clickable in the command after the first two point selections?

In the same way that bothsides remains an option until the second click is made.

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can you give us a file that demonstrates where you would use that?
(I ask because our dev’s always want use cases)

Isn’t it obvious in this case?
Any time that You’d want to use the 4 point otion now, only that you could still decide to choose it after the first click is made.

ok, to be clear.

  1. run the line tool
  2. click the first point
  3. decide to use the 4 pt option
  4. continue with the command.

what about the other line styles, do you want those available too?

I guess so.
As much as this is feasible, naturally.
As I am not the topic opener I don’t want to hikack the thread, I just thought the request was relatively self explanatory,

devs are verrrry literal.

the clearer I can present it to them, the more likely it is to get done. Thus my question.

I guess being “verrrry literal” is indeed a good thing when you are a programmer.

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I only ask for use cases where after I pick the first point I then realise I needed that point a bit further away / extended.

Another example would be a line with perpendicular option. You can’t actually do a four point line once you’ve opted for perpendicular.

Appreciate it’s very minor since you can finish the command and extend, just seems odd once you notice how quickly your options narrow down even though they are, sort of, ‘available’.

for keeping the 4-point option until the command ends

i would love to see an update for the 4-point option - allowing to do kind of 3-point version, or even fall back to a simple 2-point version:

  • line
  • 4points
  • click 1st directional point (A)
  • click 2nd directional point (B)
  • now a dot or similar should indicate the 2 initial points
  • pressing enter should draw a line A-B (2point fall-back)
  • clicking point 3 press A or B to "re-"click / select again on of the initial points
  • clicking point 4 press A or B to "re-"click / select again…