Wish for WIP install: Windows restart without losing unsaved work

Hi @brian,

after installing the current WIP, you get a question for a restart (of Windows, which I haven’t seen at first). I thought about restarting Rhino.

I’ve got this brute force restart, where all apps are closed without saving your work.

Wish: Can you stop the restart, when there are apps open, with unsaved data.



Hi Michael,

Restarting Windows after installing Rhino occasionally happens, and can be avoided by clicking Cancel. If you don’t restart Windows, Rhino may not work properly. So it’s important to give the user the option to restart.

However, if the message to restart doesn’t say “Windows” explicitly, it should.

In English, I believe the prompt is “Please restart your computer to complete the installation.”

Hi Brian,

OK, I will take next time a closer look at the text box.

Thank you