Wish for vectorize plugin

I think this would be a great thing for the vectorize plugin. The ability to outline a png file only outlining the non-transparent area, and not add line work to the inside of the non-transparent area.
This way we could bring in pngs and quickly extrude them to a thickness then place the png image on to the extrusion, I know a cheap way to create some fx but it could be useful.
Attached is a quickly done image.

I think can not follow

So in this case image bounds ?

Bounds based on alpha channel.

@3dsynergy for now you could use GIMP to save the alpha channel as a separate file for now and feed that into the vectorizer.

Hi @nathanletwory @eddi
Yes image bounds is what I am talking about glad there’s a term for it. I did think of a workaround, I could create a complete infilled white shape in PS save that as png and bring that into vectorize. Still it seems like image bounds would be a nice addition to vectorize.
Thanks for the clarifications and tips.

Hi All,

Keep an eye
Rooster (by Forest Hell)


Bitmap+ (by David Mans) and as complementary his other tools

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Hi @eddi
Very cool I forgot about GH and its vector plugins.
Thanks for taking the time with the examples and for posting the screen shots.

With Dale’s Vectorize plugin, trace works here, Threshold and Filtersize adjusted

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Hi @eddi
Thanks for taking a look. This is what I get using your settings.
Also your using my already cut out image that I traced around and extruded into an object. Try it with my original. I can’t get that to work at all.
Thanks for your interest and succint help.

The difference seems to lie in export, “Save color values from transparent pixels” was not checked here and it works with Dale’s Vectorize.
Rooster and Bitmap+ ignore transparent colors information, so works with and without.

Hi @eddi,
Well I don’t really want to save an extra file with an opaque background but yes that works. :slightly_smiling_face:
I think this round trips us to my original request to get vectorize to work and also it does need the image bounds command so I don’t have to fiddle with the settings.
But I think it’s all moot because I realize now isn’t Dale retired from McNeel?
Thanks for your great help it’s good to know there is a work around.
Much obliged.

Let’s stay in a good mood

Wrong Dale :slight_smile: We had more than one.


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That brings back memories :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Nice to hear from you.