Wish for "RhinoCommonFiddle"

ok i know this might be very hard. - but i would love to have a RhinoCommon-Fiddle.

i am quite sure most developers no

i like a lot


so combining dotnetfiddle.net with https://www.shapediver.com
we would end up in a rhinoCommonFiddle…

ok i know it is not that easy. just an idea to spread

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I think what comes close is if you combine this approach https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/new-way-to-load-a-c-net-plugin with a GH component.

We use this approach and it allows us to re-compile a GH component while Rhino and GH are running. We also use this approach for Rhino commands, so we can re-compile a command implementation without the need to restart Rhino.

That’s the dream, not in the near future on our side though…
The shapediver API is coming together, so it will soon be possible for third party developers to build such projects.