Wish: Flip Y for normal map

Hi, Can we have Flip Y toggle for the normal map input?

Example: I am using substance textures (which are often regenerated) and I am jumping between different programs (Unreal Engine 4 and Rhino mostly).

UE4 uses DirectX format of normal maps and Cycles uses OpenGL format - therefore I need to have two formats of normal maps. Also If I would use Datasmith to bring the Rhino file into UE4 it would import a normal map used inside Rhino (inappropriate format for the UE).

I think, that for the users, a very convenient way to quickly deal with the different formats of normal maps would be use a simple Flip Y channel toggle - you can see it in e.g. Sketchfab.


There are already some tools to modify textures after import inside Rhino, such as brightness, contrast, etc. Normal maps are a bit different and need some extra care.


+1 on this, for users, and to allow useful translation of rhino materials (especially pbr) to other render engines.