Wish: file size in MB instead kB for the info above the menu

… my file are quite large and 514972kB are not so easy to recognize like 515MB. Also kB are not so interesting like MB or GB. :wink:


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Yep, got that, thanks, I’ll see if we can tune it up.


Still in kB. I think most people will have file size in the MB range. Please implement the little code change.

I vote for MB. When I teach my class, this causes more confusion than clarity.

“Oh, a KB is 1,000* times smaller than a MB? I never heard of it.”

[*] Technically = 1,024. Got it!

Added as http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-29248… it should be there already but I could not find it…


Thank you,

KB should still be used sometimes

less than 1MB to be shown in KB
1000MB+ to be shown in GB

the operating systems typically do that automatically (well, osx does it for sure… i imagine windows does too) and it’s a decent standard to follow (imo)

[edit] fwiw, i can’t see micha’s image (if there is one) so i don’t know even know what menu is being discussed… i’m just speaking in general.