Wish - File level management in worksessions for colors


It would be really nice to have a file-level management in a work-session.

I mean: now in a session, if I want to change the color for all the layers and sub-layers in a loaded file, I will have to unfold all of them, select all of them and then change the color. And still, each time someone will update this file, i will have to change again the color for each new layer.

In other softwares like Solidworks, it’s a lot more simple: the color associated to a layer overwrite the colors of all the sub-layers (The display is overwritted, not the values)

I guess it would be maybe too much of a change to implement that in rhino, but still when we are in a session, we should at least have a color property for each 3dm file loaded, allowing us to change the whole instance color.