[Wish] Family template picker component

Please add a component like the “Components family picker” this to choose Revit family templates, that would make this a work a lot easier.

I now use Human’s directory contents with an item selector, but that takes a lot of horizontal space and has no searchbox

You can use the value picker in this case. The user still needs to get the path and a directory contents component is not in the in RiR scope, so not seeing anything to add. We are doing some additional things with Revit templates and i’ll add this to the discussion. Thanks for the input.

Yeah, I’m not expecting a Directory contents component either.

As for the picker although it sounds logical that you input a directory, for useability, I think that RiR should read this from the Revit options. If that’s possible. If not, it could be part of the RiR options, because I find it redundant to input the directory.

Perhaps the component could read the default path to the directory from the options and whenever required, you could input a directory manually.
Other than that, it should only show the template name in the picker.

Thanks for the tip on the value picker.

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What about sub folders?

@kike what is your question specifically?

How do you expect to see subfolders content of default template folder?

I would expect them to show as:

But only if I enable include subfolders in the component that supplies me with the directory (e.g. Human’s Directory Contents):
The default File Path component probably also gives subfolders, but that’s okay.

While your request is on the wish list I added this to obtain the folder in v1.9 and with the help of Human you can obtain the content.