Wish - ExtendDynamic - Corner Option?

Here’s something that I’m hoping can be added to ExtendDynamic, that I think would make the tool even better and that lots of folks would find use for. I think that all the math is there, given that ExtendDynamic already works very well, and slides the control points just how they should be. What I’m hoping for is to get an option for ExtendDynamic that instead of selecting the surface edge, you can select the surface CORNER, and then all the control points (not just on that edge) get slid accordingly.

Video of the proposed behavior here.

This type of “sculpting” is incredibly useful in making primary surfaces, but I also find myself using it all the time when making high quality ball corners - the ability to “open up” space for a ball corner surface this way is wonderful. Like I said - as best as I can tell the math is there, it’s just a matter of implementing it into a “corner” option like shown above. Possible?


Yep, this one is on the pile… I’ll nudge it.
RH-54659 Extend with falloff across the edge

I made a semi-useful prototype that I’ll attach here in case you can use it - there are many things about it that are lame but I have found it to be helpful. It’s one of those things where I could no doubt make it better, but really a real programmer ought to get hold of it and do it right.

ExtendSurfaceEdge.rhp (42.5 KB)



Sweet! Really it’s the kind of functionality that once you have it, you start using it all the time and realize how much better it makes your workflow. I’ve been working on porting my brain from V5/VSR to V7, and I’m down to a really small handful of things that I’m missing on 7, and this is one of them. I’ll give your proto a try!

Your proto works for me! I think just incorporating this into ExtendDyanmic would be awesome - that way folks can push and pull their surfaces the way they want. Maybe if you grab the edge within ~10% of the corner it goes into corner mode, otherwise it works as it does already? Anyhow, thanks so much!


+1, I would also like to see this wonderful command in rhino,
(I have never had the opportunity to work with such a command, but I run into situations all the time, where the usefulness of this command comes to my mind .

thank you @pascal, I searched the forum to find this script, since I saw it somewhere in a discussion.

One more thing I would chime in on - really what would be best from a UI/UX standpoint I think would be for all this functionality where you want to “natural” extend objects dynamically to be combined into one single command. So, for curves, surface edges, and surface corners, where you want to extrapolate (or “shrink”) your object, if they could all simply live under the same command would be pretty great.

Hi Sky - this is very often, actually, a step backwards, in that it greatly complicates the command flow and options.


This is a great feature Pascal. Can you elaborate on the use cases and function of the ExtendEdgePlusMesh feature?


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Mostly, unfinished… as I recall, but my idea was to such the surface to a reference mesh after each edit, to be able to monkey with the surface and keep it ‘stuck’ to the mesh - for reverse engineering. I’ll check to see if I had that working at all, I really do not remember. Real life gets in the way of these fun projects.


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Hi Pascal,
I tried to install your function in rhino 7, but I am not able to run it.
I unblocked it, and then I dragged and dropped to a rhino session, but appears the following message:

Do you know what I did wrong?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Jordi - it looks like you may already have the thing installed - does the ExtendEdge command do anything?


Hi Pascal,
It doesn’t run.



Does this Plug-In run on Mac?

Rgds, Anders

is this still WIP only command? I thought I had it but now extend edge or dynamic isn’t extending corners or giving an option to. Tried installing the plugin but it won’t let me either.

What happens? Drag and drop of the RHP file should load it, and ExtendEdge is the command.


it keeps telling me i can’t load it, there is no right click run admin option for me either. I unblocked it but still wont let me load it

to be more specific it states: “this plugin in came from another computer and is blocked to protect this computer” followed instructions unblocked it in the security tab, however, right click doesn’t have a run as admin option. I do have admin rights just to be clear.

Look in Properties on the RMB context menu.

Win 11:


Thanks for the help, sorry it was my fault it looks like I was behind one update and after updating it loaded. Does that sound right? figured it wouldn’t matter since that plugin was posted a year ago.

No… but I’m glad it is sorted out.