WISH: Exclude BringViewportToTop from Last Command

If I were to:

  1. Move an object
  2. Delete an object
  3. Select another object and use the last command shortcut (RMB or Enter), the Move command is activated.

The delete command is ignored by the last command shortcut. As is a limited number of other commands. Can BringViewportToTop be added to that list? It’s a minor thing, but it gets me a dozen times a day.

I work in full screen perspective and use the MMB popup menu to switch viewports, often repeating the same command (move, scale, etc.) but from a different perspective.

You can add it under Options>General>Never repeat these commands. Close and reopen Rhino and it is saved.
Note: When multiple sessions of Rhino are open at one time, changes made in the last Rhino session closed will be saved.

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