Wish: Esc autosave


some times the autosave is a problem, for example I tried to extract a detail from dozen of blocks. I explode all blocks, select the detail element, Ctr+C … autosave is jumping in. But this is a bad situation, with all the exploded blocks. ESC for autosave would help me to stop this unneeded big file.

Or last during an online presentation. ESC the autosave would help without the user need to switch on/off the autosave option.



Any chance to see it at Rhino?

Hi Micha - I’ll add this to the heap- I have no idea what the chances are though.


Thank you.


I have an airplane model full of seat blocks. I temporary explode all seat blocks, since I want to copy a little detail from the blocks to the main file (a part with letters that shouldn’t stay in the block, because it looks bad at the mirrored seats). After I explode all blocks the autosave started and I suppose so never will end. I wished I could press “ESC” and the autosave is stopped. The autosaved file is useless and cost me a lot of time.


This a problem for me too. i agree to @Micha on this except the “ESC” key.

Some other key, clickable command line link or a new popup window which says “autosaving” with cancel option might be better.


@pascal any movement on this?
We desperately need a ‘permission to autosave’ or a ‘cancel autosave right now’ feature.
I personally like a permission request that will pop up. Each specific instance of Autosave will only commence if permission is given. This can be an option in settings of course.

Autosave is usually great. But when we’re working on 2 or 3 GB files and have to wait 5 minutes for save to finish, it really sucks sometimes.

Or what about when I’ve got an instance in background waiting for me to do something, autosave fires off when I haven’t even performed any new actions on the file. I come back to the file 20 minutes later and my autosave is gonna fire off in about 20 minutes.

Really need more flexibility on when autosaves fire off.
Thank you!!