WISH: Enhanced Text Mode in GH2


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I like the clarity but a much higher priority for me is to be able to see the icon and name at the same time.

It’s a menu option, so it would be very quick to toggle. Problem is that components are wider in text mode, so the layout of the file as a whole can be idealised for one mode only. Everything will either look right in icon mode and cramped in text mode, or it will look right in text mode and sparse in icon mode. Although by aggressively breaking the lines as I do now the difference if not that big, unless the name contains a really long word like Quaternion or Tesselation.

I’m keeping the balloon labels as well, and am currently in the process of making them multi-text aware, so you can choose what sort of information to include on them. Name of object, Name of plug-in (if non-standard), Profiled runtime of object, and so on. Well, at the moment not and-so-on as that’s all I’m planning for starters, but in principle the list can be quite long.

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Definitely good and legible and could use a font and color tweak, I think my eyes are burning a bit

Only being able to optimize layout for one node style seems okay to me. The same is currently true of Display Full Names and it’s only a minor inconvenience

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For one’s brain it’s easier and much faster to see a meaning behind the picture (icon) than reading node name text.

I’m not fan of these text-only nodes. Dynamo uses them and I see that the navigation in dynamo script as much worse due to poor visuals.


Ah ok that’s fantastic!
Very useful and flexible and a big improvement over GH1.

Also sincere thanks for not using sideways vertical text!!!

I hope this doesnt feel combative - i agree with you but would defend how valuable this mode is. , Ive taught a lot of people grasshopper thats the normal learnt style by far. I started this thread knowing there are other people like me, literally dozens of us :smiling_face:

I don’t know if Profiler and Component.Message are available in GH2 but most users are already familiar with these types of uses at the bottom so I would stay with the top one with a dark background
I would not leave much freedom of configuration for easy reading and standardization.


no please no :face_vomiting: :joy:

I really like the hotkey idea. Maybe ctrl + g for “goggles” or ctrl + t for “text” that quickly shows the horizontal text instead of the icons (hopefully without resizing the components). I think it’d be cool if the hotkey didn’t toggle but just displayed the text while being pressed, especially if it was still possible to scroll + pan. That way you could use the goggles to briefly peer through the icons or something haha.

I just wanted to share a quick morning coffee UI sketch. I tried a bunch of combinations of shadows, borders, stroke and gradients and thought I’d share the one that spoke to me.

This is a midtone outer stroke and a not-quite-black shadow on the lower edge. The text badge is on the same Z height as the rest of the node, but clearly something different, like a flush set button. Top image is unchanged.



Id also like an option to have Component Parameter inputs be displayed in full (In the Split with Points component above, the “CR” would be “Curve”, “Pt” would be “point”. Especially when relearning Grasshopper being able to read the full name of the inputs is helpful, rather than guessing at the abbreviation.

I don’t know if it’s been implemented in Grasshopper 2 yet, but Draw Full Names is there in 1:

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An important detail in the mock-ups by @Czaja that’s missing in this proof-of concept is that the bars always extend the entire width of the node, and do not have a bevel on the side adjacent to the node (and also extend under the node making everything look more integrated). But nice to see such a quick initial implementation!

I will use those bars for sure, but with a bigger font (hopefully user configurable in the future). :+1:

Sir, how did you change the appearance of your GH1 components? They look much more simplified!

It’s still using CapsuleRenderer:

Which isn’t/won’t be available for Rhino 8, but David has most awesomely just added native functionality:

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